Thanksgiving 2021 Trip Information Page

We are planning a trip to serve at Casa Hogar Ninos Angeles de Dios November 21-24, 2021. We will arrive Sunday afternoon, after crossing at the Los Indios border crossing. The Casa Hogar is about 15 minutes from the crossing point. Monday and Tuesday there will be an assortment of projects for participants and we will return Wednesday morning. Trip fees are $275 for adults and $175 for children 12 and under. Given the nature of the facility, being very child friendly with many open spaces and 2 playground areas, this is an ideal mission trip for families. While we try to accomodate families with all ages of children, given the sleeping arrangements available to us (two dorm rooms with bunk beds), children ages 5 and older are preferred. Registration deadline is November 7, 2021.

Coat and Blanket Collection

We will be bringing down coats and blankets to distribute. Many of the communities Rohi serves lack heat in the homes. Though the winters in Reynosa are short, they can be cold. 

Casa Hogars are Mexico's version of foster care. This facility is currently serving over 20 children. It is located about 45 minutes outside Reynosa in a rural area. It is a fully enclosed facility sitting on over 25 acres. This video gives an overview of the campus, including sleeping quarters for mission teams.

Projects planned for the trip

We try to tailor our projects to the abilities of those coming on the trip. However, for this trip in particular, there are certain needs we have identified.

1. Repairs/Improvements to the Blue House. This is the oldest of the homes for the children being cared for. It is currently being used for older children, those in high school and above. While the exact projects will be determined by the size and skills of the team, projects under consideration include pest remediation, improvement of insulation, dry wall repair, and painting.

2. Medical Clinic for Children and Staff

During the pandemic, access to medical care in Mexico has been limited and many of the children and staff have chronic conditions. Those conditions have not received the attention they require. Furthermore, those without chronic conditions need preventative evaluations to ensure continued good health. 

3. Science Day 

Fostering STEM through hands on experiments and demonstrations has been a hallmark of Rohi trips over the past few years. It is great fun for everyone, while encouraging further interest in STEM fields.

Trip Logistics

1. Transportation: We are not planning to transport participants corporately. However, if participants would like to carpool, we can arrange that. Because the facility is located within the special border region, cars insured in Texas do not require additonal insurance. It is already part of the policy. The plan is to meet at the border crossing at Los Indios Sunday afternoon.

2. Meals: Meals will be provided by the Casa Hogar. Any dietary restrictions need to be communicated before the trip. 

3. Security: We feel this is a trip with very limited security concerns. The facility is a 15 minute drive from the border crossing in a rural part of the border region. In our discussions with the current staff, there has not been any violence in this community of agriculture. Furthermore, participants can chose to stay on the compound for the entirety of their stay. Watch this video for a better idea of the facility (which is quite large).


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