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Meet our Missionaries


The Garcia Family
The Hands and Feet of Rohi in Reynosa

Rohi Supports David and Luzma Garcia, who live in the communities we serve. Their sacrificial commitment to sharing God's love for these residents is humbling and inspiring. 

One of David's roles is the oversight and administration of the schools that ROHI supports.  These schools educate children who would otherwise have little or no educational opportunities. This education is key to their gaining a skill set that will enable them to break the cycle of poverty that plagues this community. 

David also maintains our two water wells and the miles of water lines that bring water to each home. 

But these are just the logistical roles the Garcias play in the colonia. Their heart is the spiritual transformation of the community.

To this end, they pastor a church - New Hope Church - and hold weekly services, prayer groups, and marriage groups.

All of us who have visited the colonia have seen firsthand the love and respect the residents have for them and how the mission of ROHI could not be achieved without them.

ROHI provides them support, a good portion of which comes from your generous donations.  

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