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June 2019

Trip Review

Slideshow of Pictures from the Trip


June 14 and 15 we were blessed to be able to serve in Reynosa via another medical mission trip. On Friday we saw every student (about 200) for a well check at Regents School of Reynosa (the private school associated with Big Heart Orphanage). And on Saturday, we were able to see about 40 patients on the canal at the Community Center. We were doubly blessed on Saturday because the last medical clinic on the canal was two years ago in June 2017!

The Friday well check went very well. We learned a lot from our previous well check experience there last November. Marco and Martha Mendoza did the initial check in, while Board Member Lana Morris did height and weight. Then students were funneled into one of three areas for a vision screening. Special thanks to Fernanda, Andrea and David Garcia, Jhonny Reyes Galindo, Ximena, Valeria and Rosy Esquivel, Oscar Calderon, Melissa Ruiz, and David Hernandez for being the army of volunteers we needed to complete vision screenings on so many students. We identified many (maybe as many as a 1/4) as needing an additional visit to the optometrist for glasses. The older students (middle and high school) then received a blood pressure screening from Andrea Garcia and Anthony Vessa. Anthony also did blood pressure and glucose screenings on all the teachers and staff. Finally, each student then had a chance for a brief visit with Nurse Practitioner Terri Dymeck and Dr. Sergio to go over any health concerns and check for irregular heartbeats. Special thanks to Elizabeth Reyes Duarte for her help translating for Terri and to Board Members Scott McDonald and Cory Vessa, as well as Roberto Maldonado and Mauro Esquivel, for helping to organize and run the event. We saw over 200 students and staff. It was a busy but very productive day!

Friday evening we headed over to the Community Center on the canal to set up for Saturday's medical clinic. In addition to Dr. Sergio and Nurse Practitioner Terri Dymeck, we were joined Saturday by Dr. Natalia Ortiz, who specializes in obstetrics and newborns. We saw about 40 patients, which was smaller than we anticipated. But each patient received a lot of time with each doctor and was prayed over by our volunteer staff. Our missionaries, David and Luzma Garcia, had the time to visit with many of the patients as well, further establishing relationships that we pray grow into more opportunities to share the love of God.

Each time we go to Reynosa to serve, we are stepping out in faith. Yet each and every time we see God's provision, protection and blessing on our work. Thank you for your prayers and support and prayerfully consider joining us on our next trip at Thanksgiving.



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