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Rohi Global Network

01. Churches - Central Texas Area

Rohi was established in Central Texas.. We have benefited from broad support and participation from more than a dozen Austin-area churches including: Grace Covenant Church, Riverbend, The Austin Stone, Hope Chapel, Covenant Presbyterian, St. Thomas More, Regents, Hill Country Bible Church - NW, Steiner Ranch & Round Rock.


02. COCI - US Non-Profit Partners

Cherish our Children International (COCI) is globally directed organization based in Houston that focuses on the needs of underprivleged kids around the globe.



We envision a world in which each child has the opportunity to live life fully and to make their unique contribution.


We celebrate our 5th year in partnership supporting our school's operational budget needs. Here is a profile of the specific cooperation with COCI and the LIttle Blue Schools.


03. Churches - Across the U.S.


Rohi has served alongside dozens of other Churches from around the US including from Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.  

Our vision is to embrace and extend current Church organizations that also have a heart to serve in and around Reynosa. We believe that synergy - of resources and passion - is the best organizational construct.



04. CONAFE - Mexico School Support

Rohi works with Mexico's National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE) to secure teachers, receive organizational support and supplimental funding and make sure our schools meet or exceed Mexico's federal school standards. The schools themselves are all managed by parent-led organizations that we suport as well.



05. COMAPA Reynosa- Municipal Water Support

Rohi is blessed to have partnered with COMAPA Reynosa (Comisión Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Reynosa) - they have been a financial and infrastructure partner on our second well located at the La Union school.  This new well will serve hundreds of families, daily, with free, clean drinking water so that COMAPA no longer has to support the neighborhoods via expensive, weekly water trucks.


06. Casa Hogar Corazon Grande - Big Heart

Casa Hogar Corazon Grande or Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa has been our partner since the earliest days. Run by our dearest friend's the Carter family, we have counted on their hospitality to house our trip participants in a safe, comfortable and loving environment.


In addition to our trip fees supplmenting

their operating costs, we have been

privileged to help them in their orphanage

and school construction projects over the





07. DressWell GiveWell

Rohi began a giving partnership with DressWell GiveWell in July 2017. Formed as a vehicle for giving, Dress Well Give Well sells the LULAROE brand of clothing and gives all the profits from the sales to the charities it supports, which now includes The Rohi Foundation. The purpose of DressWell GiveWell is to give generously to those in need, and to be a part of an on-going solution for social good. They partner with charitable organizations that will strategically give to those who come from hard places of abuse, neglect, or poverty. The founders, Josh and Sarah Tao, attend Grace Covenant Church in Austin, Texas and came with their children on Rohi’s Thanksgiving 2016 Mission Trip. They were moved by the love of God shown through Rohi's work and mission, and decided to become a funding partner.

The LULAROE brand is known for its trendy, affordable, versatile, and comfortable clothing that is manufactured in fair-wage factories around the world. LULAROE has limited edition styles and fabrics (only 2,500 articles of clothing are manufactured using any given print), providing their customers with unique pieces. You can view and purchase their merchandise on DressWell GiveWell’s online store via their Facebook page or at their boutique in Austin. 

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