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Colonia Profile - Romero Family

Senora Guadalupe Romero & daughter Alfa

The Romero family is one who preserves despite great hardship and tragedy. Senora Guadalupe Romero and her daughter, Alfa, who is deaf and mute, attend preparatory program at La Union School. They have been attending for two years and are grateful for the opportunity to continue both of their educations. Alfa is one of five children. At age two, her mother noticed that she didn’t answer when people spoke to her. They sought medical help, even purchasing a hearing aid for Alfa, but it didn’t alleviate her impairment. Senora Guadalupe did not allow Alfa’s disability to sidetrack Alfa’s education. Alfa attended a special elementary school and graduated. Since there was no special high school, and the normal high school would not accept Alfa due to her disability, Senora Guadalupe enrolled her in the Tamaulipas Institute for Adult Education. Once Alfa finished that program, her mother enrolled her in the preparatory program in the colonia and began studying with her. Senora Guadalupe is so excited to have the opportunity to go to high school with Alfa. When she was younger, there was no opportunity to continue her education. She got older, had a family and they became her priority. But now that all her kids are in school, she can finally achieve her dream. Senora Guadalupe is a woman who does not give up in the face of struggle. Amidst all the trials with Alfa, tragedy struck the Romero household. Eight years ago, her eldest son, twelve at the time, drown near the floodgates by the La Union School. Despite that devastating loss, the family endured by the grace of God. Truly this family serves as an inspiration to all those studying at La Union School. Despite Alfa’s disability, she has been making good grades and interacting well with her peers. She has adapted so well, it is difficult to tell that she has any learning difficulties. Despite her intelligence and capabilities, it is unlikely any other school would have taken her. And certainly Senora Guadalupe would not have had a second chance at a high school education. The high school at La Union is opening doors to the colonia residents – doors that will hopefully lead to a better life.

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